We all know that men are visual. When a man first sees you, he will judge you 100% on the
basis of your appearance. He can’t see your integrity, intellect, wit, great personality, loving heart.
All he can is what he can see, initially. And of course you know the cliché, “You only get one
chance to make a good first impression.” So how do you attract a younger man?

1. COMMIT YOURSELF TO GETTING IN SHAPE. America is the fattest nation on earth. And no
wonder. Unlimited, delicious, affordable food, 24 hours a day. Plus Labor saving devices (cars,
dishwashers, washing machines, etc.). It’s easy to put on pounds, and it gets harder each year to
take them off, as our metabolism slows down. So how do you eliminate fat and build up muscle?
Diet and Exercise, of course, the two dirtiest words in the Dictionary.

2. CHANGE YOUR DIET. Not a crash diet. You know they don’t work. Most dieters are on a roller
coaster, shedding and regaining hundreds of   pounds. The experts agree that you shouldn’t go
on a diet that you won’t be able to follow EVERY DAY for the rest of your life. Rather than go on a
diet, you should CHANGE your diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables (can you believe 8 times a
day?) Non-fat milk. Don’t skip breakfast. No beer (or at least drink light beer). Drink lots of water
(It’s healthy and keeps your stomach full so you are less tempted to eat). Lean meat. Of course,
a healthy diet is EXPENSIVE. It’s a lot cheaper to pork out at the local fast food outlet! But you
WILL lose fat and gain muscle if you follow the suggestions above.

3. REGULAR EXERCISE. At least 3-4 times a week, preferably daily, for as long as you can
(preferably at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. The secret is to find an activity that burns
calories that you ENJOY. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t keep it up. This is a change in
LIFESTYLE, something you do at least 3-4 times a week, preferably daily. Personally, I love
hiking and biking, which I do just about every day. Occasionally I’m tired, get sick, am too busy, or
need a break. So I’m not fanatical about it. What form of exercise do you enjoy? Walking, Hiking,
Biking, Horseback Riding, Swimming, Soccer, Golf (without the golf cart), Tennis, Softball,
Baseball, Football, Calisthenics, Aerobic Spinning are just a few of the options out there. Find
one you enjoy and do it religiously. It’s extremely difficult to keep in shape through diet alone!.

4. DRESS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Clothes can do two things: Reveal Your Assets and Conceal
your Liabilities. So dress accordingly. Don’t wear tight clothes unless you have the figure to
match. Dark colors make you look thinner. So do high heels (but they can be a disaster for your
feet!) Horizontal stripes should be avoided; Vertical stripes are ok. Be aware that men will draw
conclusions about you on the basis of what you wear. So don’t be surprised if men treat you like
a slut, if you dress like one.

5. SMILE. Do you know the secret professional photographers use to make their customers look
good? They always say “smile.” Smiling literally doubles your attractiveness to the opposite sex.
And it’s a lot easier than losing forty pounds! Many people are reluctant to smile in stressful
social situations, because they think it’s dishonest. Exactly! Practice flashing the phoniest smile
possible. People can’t tell whether it’s real or authentic. But they always respond to a smile, which
is like the American Express Card. You never leave home without it!

6. MAKEUP. If you ask most men if they like makeup on a woman, the vast majority will say NO. It’
s a lie. Men love makeup. What they really mean is that if you have naturally lush red lips,
naturally stunning eyes, naturally beautiful skin, then don’t wear makeup. But if you aren’t
blessed with these attributes, you MUST wear makeup in order to compete with all of the other
single women in the world. Just make it tasteful. You don’t want to look like a teeny-bopper
applying makeup for the first time!

7. NO GREY HAIR! I know, it’s not politically correct to advise dyeing your hair. All your girlfriends
say your grey hair looks great! But how many MEN tell you that? It’s the old double standard.
Grey hair on a man is distinguished. Grey hair on a woman makes you look OLD. It’s not fair,
write a letter of complaint to your congresswoman, I don’t care, but NO GREY HAIR. Period.

8. MEDICAL ALTERNATIVES. Plastic surgery, liposuction, tummy tucks, breast enhancement,
collagen treatments, etc. They all can increase your attractiveness. There are serious risks
however. Plus it can be expensive and painful. A botched job could make you look WORSE rather
than better. But there’s a reason why all the Hollywood starlets do it. It usually works.

9. QUIT SMOKING. Many years ago dating agencies and matchmakers reported that the most
difficult clients to match were those who were fat. No more. Now smokers are the most difficult.
Even smokers don’t want to date a smoker (they fear they will never be able to quit if they are
involved with a smoker).

10. POSITIVE ATTITUDE. This is the most important of all! If you come across as negative, no
one will want you! Begin with yourself. Instead of putting yourself down, which is what most do,
build up your self-esteem. Every day remind yourself how wonderful you are. If you don’t believe
in your product, you can’t sell it to anyone! Stop hanging around so-called friends who constantly
put you down. Cultivate friends who genuinely like you and are complimentary. And do likewise. If
you build up the self-esteem of others, they will be drawn to you like a magnet!

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