As difficult as it is to find the right person to love, the greater challenge is to keep love alive.
How sad it would be if you met someone very special, prepared for a lifetime of happiness, only to
see your hopes collapse as the relationship steadily declines.

 Lovers often become comfortable old shoes. They get taken for granted. Remember how you
wooed each other during the courtship phase? You need to do all the same things to keep love
and romance alive. Have a meeting at the beginning of each week to discuss your relationship
and any problems you may have. Once a week my wife and I have DATE NIGHT, just the two of
us, with no cell phones or interruptions.

 For many years I have taught flirting seminars. 99% of the people who attend are single. But it’s
the married couples who really need to practice flirting! Compliments, thoughtful notes, greeting
cards, gifts, flowers, should be an indispensable part of every romantic relationship, not just the
beginning or honeymoon stage.

 The grass often looks greener on the other side. It usually isn’t. Stay with your loving
relationship, be patient, work at it. Finding someone better isn’t all that easy. We all hear stories
of couples who divorce, flounder in the romantic jungle for years (or even decades), and then
remarry or reconnect with an old flame. Don’t make that mistake. Do everything in your power to
make your loving relationship work! Good luck.

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