A Much Younger Man, by Dianne Highbridge, Soho Press, New York: 1998. This is a novel.
Confessions of a Scottsdale Cougar, by Victoria Phillips, Xlibris: 2009. Scottsdale is an affluent
suburb of Phoenix, Arizona and reputedly a hotbed for cougar activity.

Cougar: A Guide for Older Women Dating Younger Men, by Valerie Gibson, Key Porter Books,
Toronto: 2001. This is the book that launched the Cougar Phenomena worldwide! Very
entertaining and insightful. Her website is

Don’t Ever Call Me Ma’am!: The Real Cougar Woman Handbook for Life Over 40, by Linda
Franklin, Messenger House Books, New York: 2009.  Linda has done numerous interviews with
the news media and runs the popular website,

Hot Cougar Sex: Steamy Encounters with Younger Men, by Ilona Paris, Skyhorse Publishing, New
York: 2009. Cute book that chronicles the author’s adventures with Cubs.

In Love with a Younger Man, by Cheryl Robinson, New American Library, New York: 2009. This is
a novel from an African-American author.

Older Women, Younger Men: New Options for Love and Romance, by Felicia Brings and Susan
Winter, New Horizon Press, New Jersey: 2000. Written just before the term Cougar was
popularized by the news media.

Taming the Cougar, by Vonna Harper, Kensington Books, New York: 2009. This is a novel about
cougar love.

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